About Life Groups

Life group is where real church happens! Every Sunday, Mavuno church congregants gather in small groups to celebrate and hear what God is saying through the sermons.  Life Groups is where Church is lived out in Community as we Turn ordinary people into fearless influencers of Society. 

How it works

After the Sunday Church Sermon, small groups of people meet in homes during the week, usually in a home setting to discuss the sermon and how to apply it in their daily lives.

Through the Life Groups, we put 3A’s into action!

  • Association– the goal is to build relationships and care for one another. Don’t get lost in the crowd on Sunday Connect with the community.
  • Application– this is where the people connect God’s word to their daily lives and model for one another Christ lived out in their situations.  God wants to walk into your situation and bring healing, transformation, deliverance- explore God’s word together with like-minded people.
  • Accountability– this is where care happens, Life Group members pray for each other, encourage, support and challenge one another in love to experience life transformation through Jesus Christ.  Never walk Alone!

HATUA (Kiswahili word for Action), it is the process of doing something (usually as opposed to saying it).

This 10 week course creates the basis for every single individual to identify and engage in a social transformation venture as a lifelong pursuit.

The HATUA journey will give a you a flying trip over the vast landscape of the Old Testament exploring the lives of Old Testament heroes and heroines.  In just 40 short segments you will swoop from Genesis to Malachi, from the world’s creation to the eve of the Messiah’s arrival.  Adam, Abraham and Sarah, Moses, Gideon, Ruth, David, Isaiah, Esther, Daniel…there all here with lessons to teach and wisdom to impart. You will build confidence in God and the ability to recognise opportunities to transform society.

HATUA focuses on social structures and institutions, an emphasis on justice, righteousness and fairness in the everyday life of the individual. It addresses how Christians become relevant in their faith and connect faith with what is happening in Society. This is because the city is a space and it is not neutral; you either influence or be influenced. Many people are concerned about the state of our society but don’t want to roll up their sleeves.  You are either part of the problem or part of the solutions, and the solutions lie within us. By participating in HATUA, you are taking a step in the right direction as we engage with the community and become part of the solution.

Mavuno Church highly esteems family and believe that children are a gift from God. LEA (Kiswahili word for parenting) is a ten week experience that helps parents to fulfil their responsibilities to raise the children God has given you in the way He requires you to.

What does God require of us parents?

  • To direct our children in the way of the Lord (Genesis 18:19)
  • To protect marriage because God desires godly offspring (Malachi 2:13-16)
  • In case you are a single parent or your partner is uninvolved, you too can raise godly children
    (2 Timothy 1:14)

With the fast paced lifestyles we lived in, there are priorities and pressures facing parents in their 20s and 30s that can get in the way of deliberate parenting.  These include career development, acquisition of material possessions and marital adjustment.  As a result it is common for house helps or nannies to be the primary care providers for children.

For most parents the busy 20s and 30s coincide with the limited window of opportunity to train and develop our children. Yet the biggest impact is made during the first six years of the child’s life, as it becomes difficult to change established patterns and directions after age ten.  This may require making lifestyle changes in order to be deliberately involved with our children. These changes may include (but are not limited to) postponing further studies, changing jobs and modifying material goals.

In the LEA experience, you discover that it is the parents, not the children who should determine the training process.  You will learn how to deal with the ‘terrible twos’, ‘elusive elevens’ and ‘troublesome teens’ before they happen. You will also learn that the primary responsibility of parenting lies with the father, the mother is the primary care giver while any hired help plays a supportive role.

Spiritual nurturing lies with the parents, not the Sunday school teacher nor with a Christian school. Character, wisdom and skill required for success in social life, marriage and family will not just happen.  The parent must invest in this future by training the child with the end in mind.

In light of the realities of modern life, what practical steps can parents take to raise responsible, godly offspring? Is it even possible?

The LEA ten week experience will also get you into a support group of people at the same season in life, working towards the same goal of building stronger families. The group share ideas, receive support and deal with common parenting challenges.


If you have a young child, this is the perfect program for you in bringing up that child in accordance to God’s will. The experience is designed for paremts of children between 0 and 12, for more information,

Sign up for the next available class today by sending an email to info@mavunochurch.org or call us on 0720051763.

Do you want to strengthen your prayer life? Are you interested in expanding Gods influence over your workplace and taking territory there through prayer?Then this experience is tailor made for you.

OMBI is a Swahili word for prayer. It is a 10-week transformational experience in prayer designed to give you victory over workplace issues. As christians it is our responsibility to transform our workplaces into spaces for cultural significance and influence for God. OMBI equips you to pray for change, and take hold of the issues that impact your workplaces.

OMBI has drawn many closer to God, revived their prayer lives and increased their effectiveness in their workplaces. It is best done in small groups and encourages prayer and intercession in the local church.

Do you want to strengthen your life and gain victory over personal challenges? Are you looking to overcome past baggage, current struggles, or conquer fear? This is the experience to sign up for. SIMAMA is a Swahili word that means Stand.

Relationships whether romantic or with family members can be complex. Why do we find ourselves in bad relationships in the first place? Why despite our best intentions, do we find ourselves in abusive relationships?  Why do some of us continue in relationships even when our partners are unfaithful? Why are some choosing to be ‘kept’ men and women? And why are people choosing not to commit to a relationship opting instead to become ‘friends with benefits’? Why do we find ourselves mismanaging relationships with your family members, friends or colleagues, holding bitterness and grudges, being jealous of other people’s success or having a low self-esteem.

Are you gripped by compulsive behaviours like alcoholism, drug addiction, masturbation or pornography or risky sexual behaviour? Have you ever tried to stop and found yourself unable to?

SIMAMA study is a ten week study, that attempts to help us understand ourselves better by ‘looking inside’.  We explore situations around us and attempt to answer questions we are already asking like….

Who am I?  Even more importantly; why do I do the things I do?

Why do I find it difficult to hold down a job? 

Or why do I get so defensive when confronted?

Through the SIMAMA experience you will explore this situations with the aim of reconciliation’ a reconciliation within ourselves of the hurts, disappointments and wounds that we have carried in our lives and which have limited us from experiencing life as God intended us to.

To sign up for this journey of self-discovery send an email to info@mavunochurch.org or call us on 0720051763. May God bless you begin your journey of self-discovery.

Most of us spend 80% of our productive time at work! If we are truly to live out our God purpose, then what does living out our faith in the marketplace look like? What does being a Christian look like at work?

Through a seven lesson experience Marketplace experience helps you to examine how faith plays out at work and to work with God to transform the marketplace  As

The objectives

  • To understand your calling in the marketplace
  • Overcome the ethical challenges in the workplace
  • Understand God’s purpose at work
  • Apply God’s power to win at work
  • Prevail in impacting your industry for God.

How we do it

Marketplace is best done in a small group setting of about four to seven participants.  Each group member needs to have a copy of the manual and is required to read the lesson within the week and meet with your group at the agreed upon day to discuss the take-aways of the lesson.

A facilitator equipped with a leader’s guide will guide the group in exploring what they learned within the week and clarifying action points.

At the end of the eight lessons (the eight is a reflection), a one-day-retreat is recommended.  The goals of the retreats includes reflection, listening to God, praying for one another and for the workplace and commissioning you for success in the workplace.

a Christian, God want you to live every day to fulfil your purpose, find fulfillment and serve him.


Sign up for the next available class today by sending an email to info@mavunochurch.org or call us on 0720051763

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